Work, Play, Travel, Sleep ... With CRAY

Work, Play, Travel, Sleep ... With CRAY

Fresh off the release of her latest single 'Butterflies', producer, singer, and songwriter CRAY lets us in on her inspirations, creative process, and how she wears TATEJONES. 


With so many emerging genres, how would you personally describe your art and sound? 

“I would describe my sound like an indie, pop, alt mixture. I think sounds are forever evolving but I've found love in what I'm creating right now.”


When did you first fall in love with creating music? 

“I think 5 or 6 years ago, during my time in college, I had no idea how it would play out but I knew it was something I wanted to do.”


What was the first piece of music you remember owning and obsessing over? 

"I remember playing Green Day American Idiot on my walkmen going to class when I was in high school."


What are three things you can’t live without on tour?

"Hmmmmmm... That's a tough one! Probably my TATEJONES Oversized Sweatshirt, weed, and water, haha! I’m a simple girl." 




When you're in a creative space do you find what you’re wearing can contribute to your mood and inspiration? 

"I don't think it contributes to my mood, but being able to be comfortable is super important to me. You are sitting and standing for over 6 hours working on a track and I always want to make sure I’m in comfy clothes so I can continue to work. I find my TATEJONES pieces extra easy to spend all day in. I do find inspiration in fashion every day, it's a big way I express myself."


Take us through your creative process? 

"I usually get into the studio around noon and buckle down. I usually come to the studio with a ton of ideas or lyrics and then start to work on melody when I am there. I love to meditate if I’m having trouble or hit a roadblock. I also like taking breaks to walk and get outside so I don't get super cramped up from being in a dark room all day."


We’ve got your Lost remix on repeat. How are you mixing TATEJONES pieces with the rest of your wardrobe? 

"Thank you! That was a fun one. I love how I can wear TATEJONES with anything! It works casual, going out, traveling. I usually wear the Slit Knee Sweat with the Cape Sweatshirt, or if I want to make it more sporty I throw on a crop top with them. Black is my go-to because it matches with everything and it's easy to mix and match the pieces." 


Who are you listening to right now when you want to escape? 

"I'm listening to a lot of Freddie Dred and Alt-J right now! They’re my faves!"


Most memorable performance to date? 

"Lollapalooza last year! It was my first time singing live!"


What’s on the horizon for 2020? 

"Music, and touring Europe for the first time! 2020 is going to be a huge year."



Click here to listen to CRAY's music and keep up with her tour schedule. 


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